Vermi Compost

Vermi Compost is manufactured through the dung of Buffallo / Cow & biomass used by Vermi culture technology and scientific composting. The major benefit of this product is that, there is a huge reduction in use of water and chemical fertlizers for plant growth. Our product provides micro organisms, organic matter, micro nutrients like Iron, Zinc, Boron etc. and major nutrients like Calcium, Potassium, Nitrogen, Magnesium, Phosphors etc. It is fully enriched with N.F.B, P.S.B, Neem etc. It is very useful for all types of vegetables, fruits and crops. It improves the production growth, quality and fertility of soil and also provides the better conditions for growth of the plant.

Production Capacity 6,000 M.Tonnes / Year
Particle Size Passes through 4mm I.S Sieve
Colour Brown to Black
Smell Odourless
P.H 6 to 7
Moisture 20-25%
Bulk Density 0.6-0.7 gm/cc
Nitrogen  Min. 0.8 %
Phosphorous  Min. 0.6 %
Potassium  Min. 0.6 %
Organic Carbon 12- 15%
Packing 40 Kgs in HDPE BAG